“I’m the world’s best mom”

“I’m the world’s best mom” is something you say when you are holding your child’s hand and let them walk directly into a wall. Yup we usually mean this as a self bashing session where we really mean “I am the worst”.  But here is a little secret that most people will not tell you…you are in fact the world’s best mom…for your child.

God hand picked you and your child to be together, to teach each other and to love each other the way no one else could.  You are unique and have qualities and lessons that your child alone needs and no one would be better for them.

Sure you could stand at the park and look at the other parents comparing your skills to theirs, their children’s behavior to yours, their perfect hair to your mess, but what good is that doing your self esteem?  If you need a self esteem boost check out my blog 3 easy ways to boost your self esteem.


The relationship between you and your child is a personal journey in which no other person in the world will experience so don’t waste time comparing two completely different journeys.  Be the best parent you know how to be and stop comparing yourself to an unrealistic picture of the perfect parent.

That’s it for today go be the best but look through God’s eyes not your own 😉